We Donate to St. Johns Hospice on Every Let & Managed Property

The article was also publised in the local Times and Citizen newspaper in Bedford. 

Rentanyproperty.co.uk – Bedford’s leading innovative letting agent – is giving back to the community. Jamal Zakaria, the founder of www.rentany property.co.uk, has pledged a monthly donation for every property his business lets or manages. Said Jamal: “Supporting the local community has always been an integral part of our culture – so 
many local people need help and support. “When we visited the local hospice we found the staff work extremely hard to keep our loved ones comfortable. “They go out of their way to make patients’ last wishes come true. “What really touched our hearts was when we saw a request from a patient to make their room a beach holiday, so they could 
spend that moment with all their loved ones. We come across people from all aspects of life and diversity and we all know someone who at some point needed some sort of help or support from our local hospice. “So now, having the opportunity to help local people is a dream come true. “If you would like to find our more contact us on 01234 604786.”

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