We are an Innovative Lettings Platform for Landlords.

With the help of technology, we offer our Landlords & Tenants freedom of mobility and control over their property. Every single member of rentanyproperty.co.uk is passionate about helping and enhancing our customers experience.

The Idea was born when founder, Jamal Zakaria noticed that Landlords were dissatisfied paying enormous amount of fees & spending a lot of time visiting agents. There was no straight forward options available where everything can be done online without compromising on service

The Central Figure is Jamal Zakaria who is the Founder & Director of Rentanyproperty.co.uk

Jamal has over 14 years of experience in the property sector working at Senior positions within UK’s Largest Property Service Group.

He believes the right technology together with people skills is the key to offering customers a great property service.

Jamal is passionate about helping customers and takes great interest in personally helping Landlords & Tenants.

Over the years people have changed the way they now search for a property to rent.

The innovation of smartphones has made this possible where a customer can search for their ideal property from the comfort of their home or while they are commuting to work. Just like online shopping has taken over the retail industry, we must always be evolving to adapt to our customers needs.

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